NOMED…I Am The Creator


me <3

u see the way this horse smirkin that white girl givin him some puss tho

Venting i guess…

It sucks that yesterday we was lover and tonight we are nothing. Not everyone is perfect im not perfect i admit it. Im a trouble mess up child whos trying to grow and learn from my mistakes. Ive been angry since middle school i cannot snap my finger or click my heels to be a normal happy person that not reality. As im writing in im crying inside because i lost you and because i try so hard to change but nothing is changing im still the same old me. Im a screw up a fool im just not quit to love someone. If only god can make me a little happy you know take away the anger i have ill be a better person im guessing. At this point i need tome for my self idc about no authority at this point im just a volcano ready to explode then hold everything inside like always. Just a little happiness and less anger would be nice because what i fell inside hurts. Feel like my heart is breaking and every drop of pain is going through my body